Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anna's Amazing Grace by Donna Marie Carrera

Anna Marie Davanteri and Zina Davanteri (Mom & Grandma) 
Haven't we all wondered what happens when we die?  Donna Carrera tells the true story of her mother's "Gift from God" in this three day account of her mother's journey to Heaven.  Anna lay in a coma dying of cancer.  The miracle witnessed by her family was not just the awaking from her dying state, but the "Prophecy" she shared of events to come and the powerful message of what love and forgiveness can do.

"A glimpse into Heaven itself - I cried tears of love and joy on every page."  Atlanta Marie Carrera

"Most important story of our times.  It will change the way you live your life."  RenLan Publishing

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Atlanta's Art by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Atlanta's Art

Atlanta's Art

by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Renlan Publishing is pleased to announce the works of Atlanta Marie Carrera.  Her collection of Art & Poetry is being published for the first time!  Atlanta's use of vivid colors in whimsical illustrations brings her heartfelt poems to life as she explores emotions and their deeper meanings.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Jenny Books by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Join us for this wonderful adventure into the imagination of Jenny Carrera.  This children's series follows the daughter of Atlanta Marie Carrera as she creates her own world of games and stories to entertain herself, her family and friends.

Twelve Gifts from Santa
The "Trick" to Treating
Jenny's Christmas Wish Box
The Princess of Christmas
Trick or Treating Mrs. Nancy
Where's Rusty
Larry the Leprechaun
You're More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys
The Magical House
Dance, Dance, Dance & Sing
Going on Safari
Let's Pretend
Look at me